Throughout the study, the Vergennes PEL Study team will consult with technical and policy committees that will provide topic-specific input and play a role in guiding the direction of the study. Members of the committees include but are not limited to representatives from municipalities, the Addison County Regional Planning Commission (ACRPC), state agencies and local businesses and organizations. Committees will be notified of the availability of draft study results that are relevant to their jurisdiction and expertise and will be given appropriate opportunities to provide comments and consultation at various stages throughout the planning process. The goal is to identify, collectively, a focused and reasonable range of alternatives for potential environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The ground rules that will guide committee decision-making processes include:

  • Quorum is 50% of appointed members
  • Consensus when possible
  • Voting when consensus not possible
  • Document dissenting views

Technical Committee

Assembled to guide, review and validate data collection methods, analysis, findings and recommendations brought forth by the consultant team.

Members include:

  • Voting Members:
    • Chair – Katharine Otto (VTrans), Planning
    • Bruce Martin (VTrans), Roadway
    • Fred Kenney (Addison County Economic Development), Economic
    • Jeff Ramsey (VTrans), Environmental
    • Jim Larrow (City of Vergennes), Town Road Foremen
    • John Bull (Town of Ferrisburgh), Town Road Foremen
    • Joel Perrigo (VTrans), Municipal Assistance
    • Katie Raycroft-Meyer (ACRPC), Planning
    • Mike Winslow (ACRPC), Planning
    • Shannon Haggett (City of Vergennes), Planning
    • Alysha Kane (VTrans), Maintenance 
  • Non-Voting Members:
    • Adam Lougee (ACRPC), Planning, Observer
    • Amy Bell, VTrans, Planning, Observer
    • Chris Jolly (FHWA), Planning
    • Elizabeth Shipley (FHWA), Environmental
    • Jon Kaplan (VTrans), Bicycle and Pedestrian
    • Jacqueline DeMent (FHWA), Planning
    • James LaCroix (VTrans), Structures

Policy Committee

Assembled to review and endorse study findings and make a recommendation to VTrans on planning decisions to be carried forward into a future environmental review.

Members include:

  • Voting Members:
    • Chair – Adam Lougee (ACRPC), ACRPC
    • Bill Smith (Vermont Truck and Bus Association), Trucking
    • Brian Shupe (VNRC), Environmental
    • Clark Hinsdale (Town of Ferrisburgh), Municipal Appointee
    • Diane Lanpher (State Representative from Vergennes), Legislature
    • Dickie Austin (City of Vergennes), Municipal Appointee
    • Ian Huizenga (City of Vergennes), Municipal Appointee
    • Jeff Nelson (Town of Addison), Municipal Appointee
    • Jesse Devlin (VTrans), VTrans
    • Katharine Otto (VTrans), VTrans
    • Mary Rudd (Town of Panton), Municipal Appointee
    • Matt Birong (State Representative from Vergennes), Legislature
    • Mike Audy (Town of New Haven), Municipal Appointee
    • Renny Perry (Vergennes Partnership), Business
    • Phil Summers (Addison County Chamber of Commerce), Business
    • Tim Glassberg (Town of Waltham), Municipal Appointee
    • Brent Rakowski (ACRPC Transportation Advisory Committee), Municipal Appointee
    • Jubilee McGill (State Representative from New Haven), Legislature
  • Non-Voting Members:
    • Chris Jolly (FHWA), FHWA
    • Elizabeth Shipley (FHWA), FHWA
    • Jacqueline DeMent (FHWA), FHWA
    • Amy Bell, (VTrans), VTrans, Observer
    • Joel Perrigo (VTrans), VTrans, Observer
    • Mike Winslow (ACRPC), ACRPC, Observer